My experience with RCRA- Letter from our recent graduate volunteer

My experience with RCRA- Letter from our recent graduate volunteer

I had a wonderful experience with RCRA.

On my research placement through VMM international, I was deeply impressed to find an organisation that offers such a welcoming and friendly environment. RCRA greatly facilitated my research because of my being part of its team for community outreach. With the variety of programmes in many fields, one can easily find areas of interest, and discover one’s potential.

Being community based is a great tool for being in touch with the reality of life. It offers opportunities for sharing one’s talents with the staff and the communities and learn so much from the field itself.

Being a research based organization and well rooted in today’s technology, RCRA has plenty of materials from different fields which provide for up-to-date and reliable information.

RCRA is concerned for the wellbeing of its team members and for the best outcome from the various activities undertaken there. Everyone knocking at the door is given a welcome worthy of their dignity and respect. There is a high level of professionalism that enables a climate of simplicity, confidence, determination and pride in one’s work.

May everyone coming to RCRA have a life-giving experience and be a brick in the building of community empowerment at all levels.

Sr. Odile Ntakirutimana

Daughters of Mary and Joseph

LLM student at NUIG, ICHR 2016-2017.


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