Integrated Mobile Outreach Day-clinics

The unmet need for family planning in Tooro Region, Uganda is 26% (DHS, 2016), within which Rwenzori Mountainous region are one of the highest populated and most underserved areas. The average household has 6-7 children, with 35.5% wanting no additional children, but contraception rates low at 16.3% with 32.5% unsure where to access family planning (African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health). This has been worsened by the Corona Virus Disease lock-down, caused decline in service resource allocation on family planning due to COVID19 response leaving communities in great need.

RCRA is implementing a program to accelerate uptake of numerous family planning methods in hard to reach rural communities in Rubirizi, Kasese and Bunyangabu district of Western Uganda. The program creates awareness on the benefits of being able to choose the timing and spacing of children and the family planning methods available thereby accelerating access to contraceptives and other primary health care services, through integrated outreach day-clinics, door-to-door information and advice from Community Health Workers, service provision and home and referrals to health facilities This program is only funded by CHASE Africa, which since inception in 2019 has delivered 17,569 family planning services to girls and women.

Figure 1- 3: Photo the first day-clinic at Kasangali primary school in Kasese in 2019 before COVID19
Figure 4: One of the outreach day-clinics in Rubirizi district at Katerera Town Primary School in 2021
Figure 5: One of the outreach day-clinics in Rubirizi district at Kyabakara Primary School in 2021
Figure 6: Outreach clinic at Kyanya Kasese during COVID19 lock down
Figure 7: Community Health Worker directs a women interested in Family Planning method at an outreach day Clinic in Kasese
Figure 8: Outreach day clinic offering family planning and primary health care services
Figure 9: Back Park nurse outreaches to homes for information and family planning services
Figure 10: Training of community health workers on COVID19 and community sensitization on COVID19
Figure 11: RCRA Pack Park Nurses going through poor terrains to reach girls and women in great need for contraceptives
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