Our Projects

Integrated Mobile Outreach Day-clinics

The unmet need for family planning in Tooro Region, Uganda is 26% (DHS, 2016), within which Rwenzori Mountainous region are one of the highest populated and most underserved areas.

Nutrition and Food Systems

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacyin partnership with Baylor college of Medicine and Children’s Foundation with funding from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Community Health and Environment Conservation

Under Community Health and Environment Conservation, we are implementing integrated outreach day clinics in Ankole and Rwenzori region complemented by door-to-door visits for health promotion and facilitating access to short-term contraceptives including making referrals for long-term and other health care needs.

Education and Livelihoods

Under this programme, we are implementing- Accelerating epidemic control in Kasese from 04/2019 to date;

Research, Policy and Campaigns

The project main goal was improved delivery of Women, Children, and Adolescent Health (WCAH) services in Kasese District targeting hard to reach areas which are basically underserved communities. The activities included, developing a district scorecard, Facilitating bi-annual dialogues dissemination workshops,