Child Development

Child Development program

The Child Development program addresses the survival, mental, physical, emotional and psychological development of the vulnerable child; through this program, RCRA send children back to school, help improve their performance and provide them with the necessary scholastic materials. Our trainer of trainees methodology incorporates various teacher training programs all directed towards improving children’s outcomes.

Back to school campaign: This campaign of RCRA is designed to help the vulnerable child get an equitable education; most children dropout of school because their caregivers cannot afford school fees, some are in school but lack basic necessities such as books, pens textbooks, shoes, bags among others. Through this, we provide back to school kits that include notebooks, school uniforms, bags, stationary, shoes, socks and sanitary needs. No child ever wanted to sleep on street of dropout of school. Our children our future.

Right to play Program: This program gives a vulnerable child the opportunity to smile, to create, to dream, and to hope.  It includes activities such as Art and Craft, sports competitions, creative art, public speaking, among others. By flowing   perspective beyond academics, RCRA open up a global with unlimited possibilities for the children we reach to transform their own lives, tap into creativity, use their imagination, express themselves positively, and most importantly promote collaboration with their fellow learners.


How to get involved with the RCRA Child Development program

  • Sponsorship of child education campaign, back to school kits to RCRA
  • Sponsorship of child school fees and school amenities
  • Volunteer educate children in the schools we support