Family Economic Strengthening

These programs are aimed at strengthening poor families so they can provide for, and cater to the needs of their children. Poverty is a common experience among families who do not have a steady source of income.

Family Support Program

Hunger drives these children to the streets, exposing them to grave danger and an uncertain future. The family support program is a welfare program designed to help poor families in order to prevent their children from being forced to life on the street. For a predetermined period of time, we provide food for these families including training geared at empowering families for economic security.

Family Adoption Program

Poverty is a common experience with families who live rural, peri-urban and slum communities, leaving these vulnerable children at risk of being abandoned, neglected and abused.

We support families through the Family Adoption Program by providing them with the basic needs such as food, shelter, scholastic materials (books, pens, pencils, sanitary pads, mathematical sets, mattress, shocks, shoes, school bag, and cases) for a given period of time.

We administer a household vulnerability assessment tool for time to time to enroll households and graduate them from vulnerability.

Scholarship Program

Due to poverty, families are not able to give good education to their children. Many of these children vendor chapatti or yellow bananas on the streets in a bid to raise schools fees, however many end up dropping out of school.

We provide vulnerable children with access to equitable education through full scholarships and block grant negotiations.

Village Savings and Loans Associations

We encourage caregivers of vulnerable children to form savings groups and we work through these groups to deliver a continuum of services to the household.

We support caregivers with income generating activities to help defray other household needs and for family income security.

Youth Skills Center of Excellence

This program is designed to train women, girls, youth and abused girls to gain skills for self-employment.

Carpentry and joinery, art and craft, welding, agriculture, passion fruits growing, crop value chain, fishing, tailoring, liquid soap making, juice making, and more.

Selection of the beneficiaries will be based on needs assessment and beneficiary’s interest.

How Can I get involved with RCRA Family Economic Strengthening Program

  • Sponsoring Community Development Projects
  • Sponsoring a child access formal education
  • Sponsoring the supply of sanitary kits to prevent the spread of communicable diseases amongst children in albertine communities.
  • Sponsor the vocational training and jobs creation program
  • Organise a fundraising drive for RCRA
  • Volunteer with us