Our Strategic Objectives (SO)

SO1: Identify orphaned and other vulnerable children (OVC) in families, deliver sustainable and participatory interventions to these OVC, their families and schools, and mobilize these families to address needs for economic benefits, education and facility health care.

SO2: Promote interventions on reproductive maternal, neonatal and child health, Nutrition, Malaria prevention, Family Planning, obstestric fistula, mental health, trauma, HIV/AIDS awareness, care and support to persons infected and affected.

SO3: Promote Human Rights and interventions on youth empowerment, child protection and well-being

SO4: Enhance human health and well-being through translational/operational research in infectious diseases, and promote prevention and control of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

SO5: Improve performance and productivity of the health workforce

SO6: Empower communities through demand-driven integrated development programmes in smart climate and integrated natural resource management.