Our Mission, Vision Statement and Values

Our Vision

Enabling an informed and healthier society.

Our Mission

Empowering communities for improved livelihoods, healthcare and education appropriate for the 21st century through awareness, service, research, technology and innovation.

The list of values below illustrates how RCRA embraces and inspires staff, and delivers quality service to the beneficiaries.

Excellence: We work towards providing excellent services in health, education, self-sustainability, so that all the communities that we serve shall excel in their lives.

Respect: Everything we do is built on a foundation of understanding and respect for the values, beliefs, knowledge, and capacities of our staff, our donors, partners, and the people we serve.

Integrity: We gain the trust from our donors, partners and beneficiaries by rigorously measuring performance, sharing reports, and holding ourselves accountable in all our work at all times.

Effectiveness: We work in a productive and proficient manner resulting in consistently achieving expected and measurable outcomes and value for investment.

Innovation: we seek out the most effective solutions, piloting new approaches and adapting current practices to respond to the ever-evolving nature of our work and the beneficiaries.

Professionalism: At all times RCRA staff provide quality services, being reliable and responsible, and take pride and ownership in what we do and say.

Influence and Advocacy: Striving to bring the needs, strengths and opportunities of the infected and affected to the attention of the relevant authority and have them acted upon in the interests of the beneficiaries themselves.

Equality & Non- discrimination: RCRA serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.